Membership Benefits

Sports Circle Indy creates business opportunities for the sports industry in central Indiana.

It has been said, “It’s not what you know but who you know that makes the difference.”  Sports Circle Indy is dedicated to expanding the range of who and what you know in the sports industry.

Our members enjoy powerful benefits impacting their businesses and community. In the past, SCI members have also been given access to local sports opportunities including being on the ice before a Fuel game, joining together in the media truck before a Pacers game, and finding new ways to enjoy Victory Field before an Indians game.

Check out the SCI-provided membership benefits:

Individual Membership

Educational Events

Sports Circle Indy hosts a number of great panels and educational presentations each year to keep you on the cutting edge of the sports industry. Members will enjoy special discounted pricing to attend these events.

Networking Events

Members receive special discounts to attend exclusive general and specialty networking events providing opportunities to meet sports professionals throughout the area.

Membership Directory

Individual members will be listed and have access to Sports Circle Indy’s on-line membership directory.

Member’s On-line Forum

Members can participate in members-only forums to share ideas, solicit referrals, or pose commonly observed challenges.

Membership Types

Professional Membership:

$35 annual dues, valid through December 31st

Student Membership:

$20 annual dues for college and graduate students, valid through December 31st

Ideas shared. Connections made.

Join the circle.