Indy Fuel Hockey Night

By: Sports Circle Indy

On March 5th, 2020, Sports Circle Indy hosted a networking event at an Indy Fuel hockey game in Indiana Farmers Coliseum. SCI members were about to purchase a discounted bar/lodge ticket with a +1 included. The tickets included all-you-can-eat hamburgers, hot dogs, and popcorn throughout the entirety of the evening. 

This was not just an event for individuals, there were plenty of family opportunities as well! Some lucky families were able to watch player warm-ups from the bench and see the athletes up close before taking to the ice. Others got to sit in on a coaching/strategy session from some strategists. Some even got a chance to enter a raffle to ride on the Zamboni as it resurfaced the ice! 

Overall, there was something at the Fuel night for everyone. This was incredible opportunity for members to experience a hockey game like they never have before, as well as being able to connect with industry professionals from all around the city! Want to experience various events similar to this one? Become a member and be on the lookout for the rest of our upcoming events!

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